The xPLAN system provides efficient and cost-effective access control for small to large installations and anything in between. This access control system is ideal for commercial buildings from small individual offices to bespoke warehouses, but also suitable for controlling access at schools or council buildings.

The UK-made xPLAN Access Control system provides excellent scalability and efficiency, supporting conventional ‘wired’ door control systems, as well as more modern wireless battery powered door locks including data on card technology.

The PLAN range of Access Control has been developed over many years, starting with the very first iteration back in 1986. Support is still provided, even for this first generation of PLAN Access Control!

The xPLAN Access Control systems are future proof, something the company states proudly and maintains as part of any new product they develop. Support for any of their systems, regardless of the age of installation, is something other manufacturers simply cannot offer – an obvious benefit of xPLAN and a clear reason why the demand in xPLAN access control installation has increased considerably in recent years.

Whether your organisation has tens or thousands of staff, xPLAN Access Control is suitable for installation in any size of building. xPLAN can deal with even the most complicated access control scenario, all behind an easy to use interface.

The solution also includes a host of value added features such as Photo-ID, Attendance reporting, Auto Roll-call, Guard-tour and Asset Tracking. It also supports the integration of a number of different security subsystems, such as Logical’ access control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Paging and Intercom systems, as well as having the capability to link with Fire Alarm, BMS, Flexi-Time, Cashless Catering, Student database and HR staff management applications.

At Virtus Security, we are fully accredited and approved xPLAN Access Control Installers and Dealers, offering installation services in London and the South East.

Why Choose Virtus Security to Install your xPLAN Access Control?

xPLAN is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes complete with a 5 Year Warranty as standard. You can trust that xPLAN Access Control systems are manufactured to the highest standards, with reliability at the forefront of their design.

What’s more, xPLAN state their products have an expected lifetime of 15 years, at the very minimum. This is important when some large organisations have historically taken up to 10 years rolling out an upgraded system across an extensive network of buildings.

Here at Virtus Security, we provide 24-hour support and rapid response times, with our experienced team accredited as approved xPLAN specialist installers and dealers.

For more information about how we can help with your xPLAN Access Control installation, simply fill out the contact form below – or call us on 0208 226 6241 – for one of our expert team to advise you on the next steps.