Virtus Security are an experienced and recognised installer of a wide spectrum of CCTV systems and applications:


We specialise in the installation and maintenance of high definition IP camera systems, which provide the picture quality and clarity to secure convictions in the event of an incident. Using state of the art technology such as 360 Degree imagery using the 6MP HIKVision fisheye unit. These systems are designed using an IT infrastructure and perfect for medium to large installations.

Turbo HD:

Turbo HD is based on HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology and is ideally suited to upgrading existing standard definition systems at low cost. It retains the ease-of-use of an analogue system while offering up to 1080P HD video output using the existing cabling infrastructure.

That’s HD Quality installation and upgrades for analogue prices!


Automatic Number Plate recognition can be used to assist parking management, vehicle tracking and security applications.

Video Analytics

Analytics can be used to detect algorithms which are pre-determined within the image, this could trigger alarms for secure areas, detect motion and actions of intruders, Monitor removal or appearance of objects, and count traffic/pedestrian flow there many more applications possible which can be tailored to your needs.

Retail Analytics and Optimisation

Using Cutting edge technology Virtus Security are able to implement retail anylytics which transform any camera in to a buisness intelligence tool, supplying data analysis on a stores performance to enable the client to understand footfall into a premises, hotspots, product interaction and various other information.

Cloud Based Recording

Virtus Security are proud to be an approved installer of the innovative Cloudview system:

Cloud view is a market leading Cloud-based visual data storage, distribution and management system enabling event driven CCTV images to be saved in the cloud. This Product can be used as a backup to the traditional methods of recording or as a replacement, thus removing the requirement for a DVR/NVR and ensuring the data is securely stored away from site.

Remote Viewing

CCTV systems can be remotely viewed from anywhere using a wide range of platforms such as pc’s/tablets and Smartphone’s using Apple or android technology.

Wireless Transmission

Wireless systems are available to overcome any boundaries and allow rapid deployment CCTV should it be required.

VASP (Value Added Support Partnership)

The recent VASP which has been secured with HIKVision the worlds leading CCTV manufacturer ensures that we are constantly updated with the latest CCTV technology and provided with unrivalled support and system training, Virtus Security are fully equipped to supply the best security solution, matched with competitive pricing to ensure our clients receive the quality we pride ourselves on delivering.

Body Temperature Screening CCTV Systems

With the appearance of Covid-19 there has been an increased demand for body temperature screening CCTV systems. At Virtus, we like to keep our clients at the cutting edge of technology, so if your workplace needs to ensure that a virus outbreak doesn’t impact your business then speak to us today.

We also offer various packages to service and maintain your existing system at very competitive prices, please Contact us now for further information.

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