Access control is utilised to secure areas and allow access to individuals who have the correct level required. This offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your building, removing the requirement to have multiple keys onsite and enabling staff and visitor’s access only to the areas they are permitted to visit.

Virtus Security specialise in a number of systems which can be tailored to a company’s or individual’s needs, from single door access to multi-platform systems. Using coded entry, key cards, fobs or biometric systems these can be integrated to company’s time and attendance or visitors register to monitor every transaction. This provides real time reporting functions to be run on individual cards or specific entrances/exits, enabling easy deactivation and card barring should it be required.

With CCTV and Access control integration Virtus can provide you with a system that allows individuals to be traced around a buildings structure.

Virtus Security are approved installers of the xPLAN /PLAN ACS solution amongst others and can provide a wide range of market leading products, enabling us to supply the right application for your access control requirements.

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