Check the temperature of people quickly and easily using our body temperature screening systems.

Virtus Security specialise in the installation and commissioning of thermal screening systems, allowing people’s temperature to be checked via an infrared thermal CCTV camera, before they enter the building. Protect your business from the risk of spreading a virus with our thermal detection systems today.

We fit and install in London, Kent and surrounding areas.

Prevent the risk of someone entering the building with an illness that could cause issues for the rest of your workforce, before it becomes a problem. Our thermal detection systems provide immediate temperature checking with an instant read-out on the display.

This type of thermal screening ensures there’s no invasive tests to be performed on your workforce to check on their health before entering the premises. Instead, our thermal imaging CCTV cameras perform a check on the person’s temperature there and then, without any physical tests being required. No doubt for most workplaces, this is a much less intrusive way of keeping your business safe from the spread of a virus.

How do Thermal CCTV Cameras work?

Our thermal CCTV cameras provide a dual picture, showing the original image on the left, with the thermal image on the right.
The person’s skin temperature is tested there and then, and displayed in an easy to read overlay on the thermal image on the right.
The thermal detection system is clever enough to only trigger temperature readings on the skin, meaning that if another hot item is in the picture frame, such as a mug of tea for example, then the reading will not be affected.

Why Choose Virtus Security?

Virtus Security are industry experts in the installation and maintenance of various fire and security systems, from regular CCTV camera installation to thermal screening units as mentioned above.

We only install thermal cameras which are tried and tested, and are of the quality we’d install on our own premises. We use Hikvision Fever Screening cameras for their professional solutions for any installation requirement. Whether you need a handheld thermal detection camera, or a CCTV thermal imaging system for the outside of a building, Hikvision provides a camera to suit.

We provide installation and maintenance for these systems in London, Kent and the surrounding areas. For more information, get in touch with us on 0208 226 6241 (London) or 01622 616 241 (Kent), or fill in the contact form below: