Industry leaders in security and fire safety Virtus Security offer Temperature Screening Systems installation services to help keep staff and customers safe while business returns back to normal.

Temperature screening or fever screening can be an essential addition to many businesses across the country who rely on sales in-store or own a premises where visitors are likely to be travelling in and out from.

Thermal technology offers businesses a solution which is both efficient and incredibly reliable. Temperature screening cameras are capable of detecting human skin-surface temperatures accurately, with discarding any other externally present temperatures such as a cup of hot coffee.

Thermal Screening Solutions

We at Virtus Security want to help you keep your customers and staff healthy and safe by giving you the ability to check the temperature of people efficiently by using our body temperature screening systems.
Currently, we offer a range of temperature screening solutions, including:

Handheld Device Temperature Screening:

Perhaps the easiest way to screen temperatures of visitors, handheld devices are incredibly convenient for mobile use, especially if you are expecting to monitor different venues. As they are completely cable-free, the handheld device solution allows users to use the product with ease and reliable results.

Static Camera Temperature Screening:

This form of temperature screening relies on the installation of fixed cameras to optimal locations which are frequently used by visitors. This may be at your building entrance, main hallways or lobbies.

With the evolution of technology, our fixed body temperature screening cameras are now capable of measuring several people at a time, requiring only one second to detect a person. The static camera is also capable of detecting temperatures at an accuracy of ±0.5°C, and even up to ±0.3°C with an additional calibrator.

Walkthrough Temperature Screening:

This body temperature screening solution is available with an additional metal detector option to make the best use of your investment and security requirements. The walkthrough metal detector screening can be installed in the main entrance of your building, where any visitor can be tested upon arrival.

An on-board thermal camera offers a highly accurate skin-surface temperature reading, which can be viewed in real time by security staff. As an additional security measure, the product has a light and audio alarm built-in to ensure that all entry to your premises is authorised.

Why Choose Virtus Security For Temperature Screening Services?

Virtus Security offer expert solutions for fire safety and security, with years of experience in working alongside a number of sectors, providing a custom service each time.

We are committed to ensuring that your staff and customers remain safe and protected all year round, which is why we offer a service that completely works around your requirements.

Our team only installs temperature screening cameras and products of the highest quality which are tested and verified by all the legal sources. We use Hikvision Temperature Screening cameras and any other additional specialist products. Whether you require a temperature screening metal detector or a fixed thermal camera, we rely on HIKVISION to provide the best products to suit the purpose.

Virtus Security provides installation and maintenance for temperature screening systems in London and the South East. If you would like to speak to us about our services, call us on 0208 226 6241 (London) or 01622 616 241 (Kent), or fill in the contact form below: