Virtus Security were recently contacted by one of our Clients, Harris Academy Ockendon, regarding an upgrade to their Fire Alarm System and additional detection in an area of the site. Our report identified the following

  • Work must be completed within the October half term break
  • Client had no easily traceable event log so a printer was to be specified.
  • Additional detection in areas of the site were required.
  • Current system is very slow in its operation.
  • Cause and Effect is not working as per specification.
  • The main control panel is not suitably located for the fire brigade.


As Kentec have now made the Syncro 6000 range of control panels obsolete, rather than swap out the entire network which is costly, we offered the “Taktis bridge” solution to the Client whereby we can install new Taktis panels and network them directly to the older Syncro panels. The remaining Syncro’s can be upgraded over time should the client wish too meaning Customers can budget for long term upgrades. Prior to the work commencing, a 2nd meeting was held with the Client to enable us to coordinate the fire systems down time around the school’s extra-curricular activities. 

Our engineers were provided with a timetable of the activities and instructed to work around this to minimize inconvenience. We began by installing the additional cabling for detection and to the fire panels new location followed by upgrading the firmware across all remaining Syncro Panels to the latest version. The engineers then swapped out the 2 Main panels and installed the new Taktis units. The updated configuration file was uploaded and finally the system was then fully tested ensuring correct operation of ALL cause and effects.


The Client has been provided with a seamless swap over from a slow operating, obsolete fire alarm system to one of todays most capable Fire panels on the market at a greater cost saving than originally envisaged whilst also providing the capacity for future expansion. Panel has now been sited in a much more efficient location to aid firefighters in quick identification of a fire’s location as well as a printout for further information.