Virtus Security specialise in the installation of graded alarm systems to ensure the early detection of intruders using the latest technologies,, We are a specialist in providing security systems for schools, and can tailor our solutions to schools, colleges, universities and other educational buildings.

Our intruder alarms can be tailored and fully customised to be integrated with the other systems we also provide such as fire detection, access control systems, and CCTV amongst others. Our systems are built and put in place to prevent intruders from gaining access to your school buildings out of hours.

Alarm systems are designed by our qualified team, to find a solution that works for you. We install systems that have been built by our expert team of intruder alarm specialists and we promise to provide you with comprehensive security coverage.

Virtus Security will manage your project seamlessly from inception to the installation and commissioning and handover, and thereafter provide you with a premium aftercare and maintenance service.

Affordability is as important for us as it is for you. With many organisations within the education sector running on tight budgets, we ensure that we hit the right balance between value and security for your buildings whilst ensuring the relevant British standards are met

All of our systems are graded to comply with European standards EN50131 and PD6662 which is the UK equivalent

There are four grades of alarm system, depending on the level of resistance from intrusion. This is also measured on the intruder’s understanding of systems and available toolbase :

  • Grade 1: Suitable for low risk premises. Intruders are anticipated to have minimal knowledge and to be using basic tools.
  • Grade 2: Suitable for low to medium risk premises. Intruders are likely to have minimal knowledge but have access to some tools.
  • Grade 3: Suitable for medium to high risk premises. Intruders are anticipated to have a decent level of knowledge and be using a range of tools.
  • Grade 4: Suitable for high risk premises. Intruders are anticipated be experienced and using a range of specialist tools.

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